Monday, 25 September 2017

Got the lenses formed for the eyes today.

Sheet of 3mm thick cast acrylic mounted into clamp.

Brown reducer made to fit the vacuum tube to the eye reducer.

The oven I used to heat the acrylic, 180c degrees.

Test part to work out how long it takes to make acrylic sag.

After 4 minutes.

1st lens I did for 4 minutes and was to short as it would not vacuum form, 2nd lens I did for 6 minutes and was just about perfect. 3rd lens I did at 10 minutes and was to long as bubbles started to show up in the acrylic. 7 minutes was my perfect time to heat the acrylic for and 1.5 minutes on the vacuum.

This is the bubbles in the lens I had in oven for 10 minutes.

Perfect clean domed lens.

Total of 12 lenses.
3 will not be used as they are test ones that didn't come out perfect.

I have uploaded a video of the lenses.