Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hubs for the #60 idle sprockets.

Test fitting the hubs to the #60 idle sprockets.

Test fit on the axle and getting them to the set width of the 2 attachment chains.

Lots of clearance for the chain around the hub.

 Temporary jig to build the prototype idle arm system.

 Installed m5 grub screws in the hubs.

 Temporary jig worked out mint for the prototype system.

 Got the front axle bearing holder welded to the pipe also.
How the idle arm goes together.

 Notched and shortened parts for the front wheel.

So far its looking good.

Got the idle arm parts sorted. Two extra's.

 Made the hubs for the front #60 sprockets.

Front hubs attached to the axle.
Got two of the four axles made for 1 track system. Collars fitted. Building a prototype version of the motor mount and bearing holders first so I can make sure all my measurements are right and everything fits.

 Made the other two axles and installed the shaft collars.

Notched both ends of this tube to make two short parts out of it for connecting the front axle bearing holder to the motor mount.

 Started on making the prototype version of the motor mount.

Notched tubes for holding front axle bearing housing.Still need to be made shorter.

Axles and bearing housings.

 Started on the idle arm tubes by notching the ends of the tube.

Parts for the idle arm.

Made a short bit of track out of the left overs to use for testing and measuring when I'm building the bearing holders and sprocket hubs.

Parts for the eyes after removing some lips and cutting parts off..

Parts fitted together nicely and now I have to print out the sticker for the details in his eyes and make the domed clear lenses.
My army of Wall-E robots protecting my parts.

Mix of steels to build the drive system.

1/2 and 5/8 keyed shaft that will be cut to lengths.

1/2 and 5/8 bearings for the axles.

1/2 and 5/8 shaft collars for on the axles.
Chain and tread plates I am using.

Motor, Chain and sprockets I am using.

Sprockets and chain I am using.

#60 sprockets. 28 tooth sprockets.

#60 sprockets. 20 tooth sprockets.

#60 sprockets. 12 tooth sprockets.

Connecting links for the #60 attachment chain.

#35 Sprockets, chain and connecting links.

#60 Sprocket test.

#35 sprockets fit onto NPC-2212 motor.
Steel plates for the track drive made on a CNC Turret Punch Press.

Sanded all the edges smooth on the steel plates and got the parts ready to temporary bolt them together till the plates are welded to the attachment chain.

Both tracks done.